Are you aware that banditry has been in existence since time immemorial? Do you also know that the banditry level is both at the physical and spiritual realm? Is there a likelihood that God has given us approval to take responsibility of recovering the things we lost to the enemy but we are yet to take the necessary action?

Note: “When you don’t take the responsibility that is yours, you automatically become a miserable entity”. God forbid, right? Then, take action!

It is noble to assist the needy but are you aware that any assistance you render without God’s approval result to your hurt? This was the background to the problem of David when he left home to assist in a battle where the people eventually rejected his assistance, as seen in 1 Samuel 29:1-11.

Expectedly, we should be in solidarity with people; nevertheless, we should take a few lessons from what happened to David at his return in 1 Samuel 30:1-6, when there is a need for a solidarity mission. In addition, we should consider the following key points as lessons from the experience of David:

  • Avoid Sentiment: This is because it can leave us unprotected and open up avenue for the devourers to wreck untold havocs.
  • You cannot solve every problem: Do not abuse the text of Philippians 4:13. Bear in mind that you are not commissioned to fight every battle.
  • Listen to God: Ensure that you hear from God before embarking on a solidarity mission.
  • Organize your affairs, properly: Even if you have an approval for a battle, there is a need to ‘seal any loophole that can result to a foothold’.
  • Take responsibility: Peradventure things turn out wrongly due to personal mistakes, after crying; take the problem(s) to the Lord in prayers. In the words of Evangelist Jude Asogwa, “Every man on earth gets to a stage of confusion. Therefore, when a counselor needs a counselor, the expert in such a case is Jesus Christ”.
  • Focus on Jesus Christ: It reduces the picture of the problem.
  • Pursue and chase with God’s word, radical prayer and fasting, songs of worship, agreement prayers, etc.

In conclusion, we must have confidence in our God who gave us approval for the battle of recovery, bearing in mind that he is ahead of us in the battle and will be with us until we get back everything the enemy took from us. Therefore, when you hear God’s word, act on it and do not stop until you have recovered all, as seen in 1 Samuel 30:7-8.


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