MEMORY VERSE: EXODUS 33:14 “The only time you can carry and manifest God’s presence is when you have what the Presence of God goes after” – Brother Johnpaul Nwodo. The story of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Luke 1:19 is a good reference point. Angel Gabriel came from God’s Presence with a message. In addition, when God makes a pronouncement, the Presence of the Holy Spirit goes ahead to enable its manifestation. What does God’s Presence mean to believers? It is the divine manifestation of the Glory of God. The story of the lame man in John 5:8 and the paralytic in Mark 2:4-12, are good examples of how the Presence of God operates. The lame man neither knew Jesus nor the paralytic prayed for forgiveness of sin, but when they obeyed the instruction, “Rise Up”, something happened because of ‘A Presence’. God’s Presence is the exhibition of God’s personality and His power to a people or nation, and His Glory is about His faithfulness. It is not because of whom we are but because of who He is. It is functional on his faithfulness and it is the reason why a commanded blessing or promise will come into reality whether we are right or not, given that God defends his glory – rest accompanies God’s Presence. Here are a few tips about the effect of God’s Presence.
In Acts 1:4, ‘wait’ is a commanded blessing; if we can be obedient to the instruction of ‘wait’, the Presence of God will manifest the blessings, as seen in the Pentecost experience in Acts 2:1-4. When His Presence comes into a presence, chains are removed and gates automatically opens as seen in Acts 12:7-10 and affirmed in Psalm 24:7-10. When his Presence comes as a torrential rain, it does not only flood us with physical blessings but also quench the thirst within. In addition, you will smile with those who annoyed you without taking a thought on the offence. The Presence at the seashore changed the story of an empty-net to a full net, and gave rest from an overnight fruitless toil as seen in John 21:3-6. What could keeps
us away from experiencing the manifestation of God’s Presence? We go under when asked to go over: We attempt to walk by sight instead of by faith. We receive the Word and drop it, then go after people to still pray for us. It is either we have not heard the Word or refused to act in accordance to the Word we heard. How do I stay in God’s Presence in order to manifest His glory? Learn not to be a hindrance to God’s Word by attempting to go against His instruction. Pay close attention to what God says whenever there is a situation. Accept whatever God says because His Word and His Presence go hand-in-hand. Finally, we must bear in mind that the Staff of Authority is the Presence of a ruler. Even if such person is physically absent in a meeting, anything the representative says is binding because of the Staff.

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