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Don't forget to enter week 2 of the Rewards Canada 15th Anniversary contest! It has now been replaced by the RBC Rewards Visa card. The CIBC Aventura Visa Infinite Card is now offering First Year Free not only on the primary card fee but also up to 3 supplementary cards as well! Hilton HHonors - 5,000 Bonus HHonors Points when you book a Hilton stay anywhere in the World via the Hilton HHonors app and pay for your stay with your Visa card. Until Jan 31, 17 Iberia Plus - Double Avios when you fly Iberia between Madrid and Shanghai. Register and book by Nov 30 for travel until Mar 31, 17 - Double Avios when you fly Iberia Regional Air Nostrum on select routes in Europe and North Africa. Until Dec 31, 16 Philippine Airlines Mabuhay - Earn up to Triple Mabuhay Miles for stays at participating Hilton hotels Worldwide. Until Jan 31, 17 Sri Lankan Fly Smiles - Double Fly Smiles Miles when you fly Sri Lankan between Doha and Colombo. Book by Nov 30 for travel until Dec 15, 16 - Double Fly Smiles Miles when you fly Sri Lankan between Riyadh and Colombo. Until Dec 15, 16 - Double Fly Smiles Miles when you fly Sri Lankan between Muscat and Colombo. Until Nov 30, 16 West Jet Rewards - 25 Bonus Wes Jet dollars on your first flight between Toronto and Sudbury. The RBC Rewards Visa Gold has been discontinued by the bank. The sign up bonus remains at 15,000 Aventura points. Until Dec 2, 16 Delta Sky Miles - Up to 1,000 Bonus Sky Miles for your first airbnb stay. Whether or not you grab supplementary cards being able to grab 15,000 points for free with this card is yet another deal to know about! Air Canada / Aeroplan - Earn up to 65,000 Aeroplan Miles with the TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite Privilege Card. Do you want to earn rewards towards flights, gift certificates, gas, merchandise and more? With over ten reward credit cards to choose from, the RBC Rewards Program most likely has a card that fits your needs. RBC Rewards members earn points that can be redeemed for travel, merchandise, registered investments and gift cards. RBC rewards have several partners which earn additional rewards on top of those already provided with the card including Carlson Wagonlit Travel, restaurants in the By Rewards Network and Thrifty Car Rental. Points can be redeemed via their online website or by phone, fax or mail. Let’s take a look at the three most popular tiers of RBC Rewards credit cards: This card is recommended for individuals with a high income who spend at least $2,500 on their credit card each month. The RBC Rewards program is pretty disappointing when compared with the TD Travel Rewards program. There is a $200/year difference in the amount of travel rewards earned from the TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite compared to the RBC Visa Infinite Avion, with the same $120 annual fee. When you factor in the annual fee, RBC Rewards members are only earning a 1.10% rebate on every dollar spent using the RBC Visa Infinite Avion card. That just doesn’t cut it these days when consumers have other richer rewards programs to choose from. Stay away from this program and check out the best travel rewards credit cards for a card that gives you more bang for your buck. Rbc rewards gold rbc fraser You will earn i 1 RBC Rewards point for every $1.00 in Gas, Grocery, and Drug Store Purchases you make; and ii 1 RBC Rewards point for every $2.00 on all other purchases including pre-authorized bill payments you make on your card. RBC Rewards Credit Cards. Start earning, get perks, have access to exclusive experiences, events and much more; Choose from 9 RBC Rewards credit cards and get travel perks, fuel savings and more 1; Earn points faster with everyday purchases like gas and travel using select cards 1 Back to Documentation Please read this certificate carefully. It outlines what Collision/Loss Damage Insurance is and what is covered along with the conditions under which a payment will be made when You rent and operate a rental vehicle but do not accept the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) or its equivalent offered by a Rental Agency. It also provides instructions on how to make a claim. This certificate should be kept in a safe place and carried with You when You travel. It contains only a summary of the principal provisions of the Policy. All benefits are subject in every respect to the Policy which alone constitutes the Agreement under which payments are made. This coverage may be cancelled, changed or modified at the option of the card issuer at any time without notice. "Applicant" means a person who has signed and submitted an application as the Visa* Gold card and in whose name the card account is established. "Car Sharing" means a car rental club which gives its members 24 hour access to a fleet of cars parked in a convenient location. "Cardholder" means any person (includes Visa* Gold card. "Covered Person" means: (1) You the Cardholder, who presents himself (herself) in person at the Rental Agency, signs the rental contract, declines the Rental Agency's CDW or its equivalent and takes possession of the rental vehicle and who complies with the terms of this Policy. (2) Any other person who drives the same rental vehicle with Your permission whether or not such person has been listed on the rental vehicle contract or has been identified to the Rental Agency at the time of making the rental, however, You and all drivers must otherwise qualify under and follow the terms of the rental contract and must be legally licensed and permitted to drive the rental vehicle under the laws of the jurisdiction in which the rental vehicle shall be used. Check with Your personal automobile insurer and the Rental Agency to ensure that You and all other drivers have adequate third party liability, personal injury and damage to property coverage. This policy only covers loss or damage to the rental vehicle as stipulated herein. "Loss of Use" means the amount paid to a Rental Agency to compensate it when a rental vehicle is unavailable for rental while undergoing repairs for damage incurred during the rental period. "Rental Agency" means an auto rental agency licensed to rent vehicles and which provides a rental agreement. For greater certainty, throughout this certificate of insurance the terms 'rental company' and 'rental agency' refer to both traditional auto rental agencies and Car Sharing Programs. "Rental Agency's CDW" means an optional Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) or similar coverage offered by car rental companies that relieves renters of financial responsibility if the car is damaged or stolen while under rental contract. Rental Agency's CDW is not insurance "Tax-free car" means a tax-free car package that provides tourists with a short-term (17 days to 6 months), tax-free vehicle lease agreement with a guaranteed buyback. The Collision/Loss Damage Insurance program will not provide coverage for Tax-free cars. "You/Your" means a RBC Royal Bank Please read the following coverage description carefully for more detailed information on conditions and exclusions. Collision/Loss Damage (CLD) Insurance provides coverage when You use RBC Royal Bank Visa* Gold card to pay in full for a rental vehicle and decline the CDW (or an equivalent coverage) offered by the Rental Agency. There is no additional charge for the Visa CLD Insurance. The coverage compensates you or a Rental Agency for loss/damages up to the actual cash value of the rental vehicle and valid Rental Agency Loss of Use charges when the conditions described below are met. Visa CLD Insurance is primary insurance (except for losses that may be waived or assumed by the Rental Agency or its insurer, and in such circumstances where local government insurance legislation states otherwise) which pays the amount for which You are liable to the Rental Agency up to the actual cash value of the damaged or stolen rental vehicle as well as valid Loss of Use charges resulting from damage or theft occurring while you are the renter of the rental vehicle. The length of time you rent the same vehicle or vehicles must not exceed 48 consecutive days. If you rent the same vehicle or vehicles for more than 48 consecutive days, no coverage is provided for any part of your rental period. This coverage does NOT include loss arising directly or indirectly from: N. It must be noted that loss/damage arising while the vehicle is being operated under (a), (b) or above is covered by this insurance. However, the Rental Agency's third party insurance will not be in force and, as such, You must ensure that You are adequately insured privately for third party liability. This coverage is available on a 24-hour basis unless precluded by law or the coverage is in violation of the terms of the rental contract in the jurisdiction in which it was formed (other than under Section B, Part 7 (a), (b) or (c) above). (See the section on "Helpful Hints" for tips on locations where use of this coverage may be challenged and what to do when a Rental Agency makes the rental or return of a vehicle difficult.) The types of rental vehicles covered include: All cars, sport utility vehicles, and Mini-Vans (defined as vans made by an automobile manufacturer and classified by the manufacturer or a government authority as Mini-Vans made to transport a maximum of eight (8) people including the driver and which are used exclusively for the transportation of passengers and their luggage) except those excluded below. The following vehicles are NOT covered: Under normal circumstances, the claim will be paid within 15 days after the claims administrator has received all necessary documentation. If the claim cannot be assessed on the basis of the information that has been provided, it will be closed. After the Company has paid your claim, your rights and recoveries will be transferred to the Company to the extent of the Company's payment for the loss/damage incurred when the rental vehicle was your responsibility. This means the Company will then be entitled, at its own expense, to sue in your name. If the Company chooses to sue another party in your name, you must give the Company all the assistance the Company may reasonably require to secure its rights and remedies. This may include providing your signature on all necessary documents that enable the Company to sue in your name. Once you report damage, loss or theft, a claim file will be opened and will remain open for six (6) months from the date of the damage or theft. Payment will only be made on a claim or any part of a claim that is completely substantiated as required by the claims administrator within six (6) months of the date of loss/damage. You should use due diligence and do all things necessary to avoid or reduce any loss or damage to property protected by this Collision/Loss Damage Insurance. If you make a claim knowing it to be false or fraudulent in any respect, you will not be entitled to the benefits of this protection, nor to the payment of any claim made under this Policy. Before you rent a vehicle, find out if you are required to provide a deposit if you wish to decline the Rental Agency's CDW. If possible, select a Rental Agency which provides an excellent rate AND allows you to decline the CDW without having to make a deposit Rental Agencies in some countries may resist your declining their CDW coverage. These Rental Agencies may try to encourage you to take their coverage or to provide a deposit. If you experience difficulty using Your Visa CLD Insurance coverage, please call toll free 1-800-533-2778 if you are in Canada or the United States or, call collect 905-816-2581 and provide: The Rental Agency will then be contacted and acquainted with the Visa CLD Insurance coverage. In certain locations, the law requires that rental agencies provide Collision Damage Coverage in the price of the vehicle rental. In these locations (and in Costa Rica or elsewhere where Cardholders may be required to accept CDW), the Visa CLD Insurance will provide coverage for any required deductible provided that all the procedures outlined in the certificate are followed and the Rental Agency's Deductible Waiver has been declined on the rental contract. You will not be compensated for any payment You may have made to obtain the Rental Agency's CDW. Check the rental vehicle carefully for scratches or dents before and after You drive the vehicle. Be sure to point out where the scratches or dents are located to a Rental Agency representative. If the vehicle has sustained damage of any kind, immediately phone one of the numbers provided and do not sign a blank sales draft to cover the damage and Loss of Use charges or, a sales draft with an estimated cost of repair and Loss of Use charges. The rental agent may make a claim on Your behalf to recover repair and Loss of Use charges by following the procedures outlined in the section "In the Event of an Accident/ Theft". You also get protection for your purchases and rental vehicle. Take a look at all the coverage that comes with a Visa Signature Black and Signature Black Plus card. credit history, making it easier to qualify for a U. We solve the chicken-and-egg conundrum by using your Canadian credit history when considering your credit card application. You can then use your new card in conjunction with a U.

Each time you use your linked Eligible RBC Card to purchase any grade of gasoline, including diesel, at a Retail Petro-Canada Location, you will save three cents ($0.03) per litre at the time of the transaction. Card linking may take up to 2 business days to process before savings and bonus points can be applied to purchases. Each time you use your linked Eligible RBC Card to pay for qualifying purchases at a Retail Petro-Canada Location, you will earn a bonus of twenty percent (20%) more Petro-Points than you normally earn, in accordance with the Petro-Points Terms and Conditions. Each time you use your linked Eligible RBC Rewards Credit Card to pay for purchases at a Retail Petro-Canada Location, you will earn a bonus of twenty percent (20%) more RBC Rewards points than you normally earn for every $1 in purchases in accordance with the RBC Rewards Terms and Conditions. Please allow up to ninety (90) days from the date the transaction is posted on your credit card statement for the bonus points to be deposited into RBC Rewards account. Authorized Users are excluded from earning RBC Rewards points bonus. You will earn i) 1 RBC Rewards point for every $1.00 in Gas, Grocery, and Drug Store Purchases you make; and ii) 1 RBC Rewards point for every $2.00 on all other purchases (including pre-authorized bill payments) you make on your card. Purchases made at merchants classified by Visa’s “Merchant Category Code” (MCC) as: (i) “service stations” (MCC 5541) or “automated fuel dispensers” (MCC5542) are “Gas Purchases”; (ii) “grocery stores” (MCC 5411) are “Grocery Purchases”; and (iii) “drug stores & pharmacies” (MCC 5912) are “Drug Store Purchases” (“Eligible MCCs”). Even though some merchants may sell gas, grocery, and drug store merchandise, purchases made at these locations may not necessarily qualify as Eligible MCCs if the merchant is not classified as such by Visa. Also, you may make a purchase at a merchant that is not classified as an Eligible MCC but is located on the premises of a merchant that is classified as an Eligible MCC, in which case your purchase would not qualify as an Eligible MCC. We cannot guarantee that any merchant, operating in whole or in part as a gas, grocery or drug store, is classified as an Eligible MCC and in no event will we be liable or responsible for any claims with respect to a grocery store purchase made at a merchant that is not classified as an Eligible MCC. RBC Rewards points are earned on net purchases only; they are not earned on cash advances (balance transfers, cash-like transactions and bill payments that are not pre-authorized charges that you set up with a merchant), interest charges or fees, and credits for returns and adjustments will reduce or cancel the points earned by the amounts originally charged. Limited time offer must be fulfilled within 60 days from date of approval. This offer is not transferable, may not be combined or used in conjunction with any other offer. Offer may be changed, cancelled or withdrawn at any time. Only the Primary Cardholder of an RBC Rewards Visa card is eligible for this offer and may receive a one-time bonus of 500 RBC Rewards points (“Bonus Points”), for each listed offer (each a “Bonus Offer”) up to a maximum of 3,500 RBC Rewards points. It may take up to 60 days after offer expires for the Bonus Points to appear on the credit card statement. Primary Cardholder can provide us their email address and sign up for e Statements through RBC Online Banking, by visiting a branch or calling 1-800-769-2512. RBC Canada, RBC Wallet, the RBC Rewards app, and RBC Online banking are operated by Royal Bank of Canada. RBC Mobile is operated by Royal Bank of Canada, RBC Direct Investing Inc. Standard message and data charges apply to any Bonus Offers you fulfill using your device. US Dollar accounts are not eligible for this Bonus Offer. Interac e-Transfers are free for all RBC personal chequing accounts. A fee of $1.00 may be charged to the sender for Interac e-Transfers sent from RBC personal savings accounts listed as an Eligible Account. Deposits are subject to the same maximum deposit limits as well as release and payment amounts as deposits made at an RBC Royal Bank ATM. Cheques will also be subject to our Personal Banking hold policies. The regular redemption rate for RBC Rewards members, other than RBC Rewards cardholders, is 3,500 RBC Rewards points for a $25 gift card for Amazon.ca, i Tunes, Starbucks, Mc Cafe and Cineplex. For complete terms, conditions and restrictions that apply to the RBC Rewards program, please visit call Coverage underwritten by Aviva General Insurance Company in the Province of Quebec and by RBC Insurance Company of Canada in the rest of Canada. All insurance is subject to limitations and exclusions. Please refer to the certificate of insurance for complete details. All insurance is subject to limitations and exclusions. Please refer to the insurance certificates included in your Welcome Kit for complete details. Not only are they a convenient method of payment, but banks are also becoming more creative about giving rewards when you choose – and use – their particular card. I have several credit cards and the one I use most is my PC Master Card, mostly because I love PC products and I like the idea of getting free groceries once in a while (PC points may be redeemed on almost anything in Loblaws stores). Rewards and incentives are changing frequently and it’s always a great idea to check out new ones. What started out as a simple % cash back has now erupted into a full range of benefits. If not, it may be time to ditch that card for one that does. One that stuck out to me is the RBC Rewards Program. With so many ways to earn points and so many options for redeeming them, this program can be completely customized to you. However, with added features comes added complexity. So let’s take a closer look at the RBC Rewards Program and explain exactly how it works. RBC Rewards is a rewards program that pays you back when you use select RBC Visa credit cards. The general idea is that you use your card like normal, earn points for your purchases, gather up the points, and then redeem them for cool rewards like gift cards and merchandise. What Visa credit cards are included in RBC Rewards? The following credit cards are included in the RBC Rewards Program: Where can I learn more about these credit cards? Click on the “Learn More” button next to any credit card to see the details. Each card varies in things like interest rates, annual fees, benefits and the rewards you can earn. They are: This is the basic way people earn points with their card. After you hit “Learn More” you can then click “Compare Card” to compare your favorite cards and find the one that is best for you. Each card has a reward structure, where you get points on anything you buy with the card. The most common reward structure is 1 RBC Rewards point for every $1 you spend. Some cards give 1 point for every $2 spent, and some cards even give you welcome points when you enroll. Over 250 retailers will give you bonus points for making purchases! You can go here to see what retailers are participating and what their bonus offers are: Rbc.com/Mallrewards . For most of them, the bonus offer is 1 Bonus Point per $1 spent. The points you earn at these online shopping sites are BONUS points. So, for example, let’s say you have the Signature RBC Rewards Visa that gives you 1 RBC point for every $1 spent. If you go online and make a $50 purchase at Banana Republic then you’ll actually earn 100 points – 50 base points for making the purchase, and 50 bonus points for shopping at a bonus rewards retailer. Please note, bonus points are for ONLINE shopping only – but that is okay, because online shopping has a lot of perks on its own. You can shop from home and the selection is huge – much larger than what you find in physical stores. There are also plenty of ways to save – and Deals Scoop helps you out every day by providing a large selection of online coupon codes and deals to use when shopping online. When you plan a trip with Carlson Wagonlit Travel agency you can also earn bonus points. This bonus offer is one bonus point per dollar on any CWT purchase, with a maximum of 500 points per airline ticket. You can also earn two bonus points per dollar when you buy RBC Travel Insurance. Finally, if you book a CWT Vacation Club package at one of their hand-picked locations you can earn either 2 or 3 bonus points per dollar spent. To take advantage of these deals, just called CWT at 1-800-Carlson, visit a CWT location, or go to the online site here: cwtvacationclub.ca/login. You must use your RBC Visa to pay, and like the RBC Rewards e Mall, these are bonus points in addition to the base points you’ll already earn. A final way to earn Rewards points is by purchasing a Thrifty Car rental. These are bonus points, on top of the base points you already get, and you can earn up to 2 bonus points per dollar spent. There are two main ways to find out how many points you have in your account. You can rent a car from Thrifty by going directly to the counter at Canadian airports, by calling 1-800-Thrifty, or by reserving your car online. The simplest is to just check your monthly RBC credit card statement. Each statement will have information about how many redeemable points you have. The other option is to sign in on the RBC Rewards Program page here: This is where you can view your points AND redeem them for your selected rewards. There are MANY redeemable rewards with the RBC program, which means you can choose the rewards that work best for you. Here is the list of options: One popular option for your RBC reward points is to cash them in for a gift card. There are currently 43 different gift card options available, and they include Visa gift cards, restaurant gift cards (such as Mc Donalds, Starbucks and Subway), retail gift cards (such as Hudson’s Bay, Target and Sears), and entertainment gift cards (such as i Tunes, Cineplex and Spa Finder). Reward points required will vary based on what gift card you want, but in general you can get a $25 gift card for 3000 points. To see all the gift card options, go here: points.sterbcrewards.com/Catalogue/Gift-Cards If you’d like you can donate your reward point by making a charitable gift. Currently there are two options – Hope Air or the Canadian Olympic Team via “Own the Podium.” To learn more, go here: rbcrewards/Charity RBC also has its own online rewards store where you can trade your reward points in for merchandise. There are nearly 200 items included for many categories such as electronics, kitchen, fashion, sports, toys, beauty and more. To see the merchandise rewards, go here: rbcrewards.com/Catalogue Shop online at Best Buy or Future Shop and you can instantly redeem your reward points on your purchase. Just shop online you normally would and at checkout you can redeem points to pay for all or part of your purchase. Details about the Best Buy program are here: RBCrewards.com/bestbuy and details about the Future Shop program are here: Rbcrewards.com/futureshop Another option is to redeem your points for air travel. You can do this online via Travelocity, or by phone when you call RBC Rewards Travel at 1-877-636-2870, or book through Carlson Wagonlit Travel. To find out more, go here: RBCrewards.com/travel-rewards RBC Rewards has partnered with some other rewards programs around the country, so you also have the option of converting your points from RBC points to points on other loyalty programs. They currently allow you to convert points for: West Jet, British Airways, American Airlines, Asia Miles, Shoppers Optimum and Esso Extra. To learn more about converting RBC points, go here: RBCrewards.com/convert-points RBC has integrated the Rewards Program with other aspects of the bank. This allows you to redeem points to pay down your RBC Mortgage, Homeline Plan, Personal Loan or Royal Credit Line. You can also put your points toward a Registered Retirement Savings Plan, Registered Education Savings Plan or Tax-Free Savings Account with RBC. To learn about these options go here: rbcrewards.com/Catalogue/Financial A final (and new! ) option is that you can use your RBC rewards points to make a payment toward your credit card balance. The option to make a payment with points will show up when you log into your credit card account. To learn more about this program, go here: RBCrewards.com/paywithpoints If you’d like to speak to an RBC member about the Rewards Program, you can call 1-800-769-2512. Overall the RBC Rewards Program is a great way to get perks from doing the things you’re already doing, like making purchases, shopping online, and traveling If you currently have an RBC Visa, it’s time to enroll in this program and get your rewards! Do you use your Credit card(s) for rewards and which incentives are important do you? Rbc rewards gold banque royal en direct The Gold cardholder must decline the Collision Damage Waiver or similar coverage; all drivers must be included in the rental agreement. Price Protection – Up to US $400 per account per year Reimbursement for the price difference in case the same product model and year of the same manufacturer is found at a lower price than the price paid with the Visa card. RBC is encouraging me to upgrade from Rewards Gold Visa which i use sparingly to the Rewards+ Visa. you know "limited time offer" and "get bonus points" and all that. no annual fee on this card, so what's the catch? You will earn i 1 RBC Rewards point for every $1.00 in Gas, Grocery, and Drug Store Purchases you make; and ii 1 RBC Rewards point for every $2.00 on all other purchases including pre-authorized bill payments you make on your card. Back to Documentation Introduction IMPORTANT — PLEASE READ: This Certificate of Insurance is a valuable source of information and contains provisions that may limit or exclude coverage. Please read this Certificate of Insurance, keep it in a safe place and carry it with travel. RBC Insurance Company of Canada (the "Insurer") has issued group insurance policy U-1014452-A to Royal Bank of Canada ("RBC Royal Bank"), to cover expenses related to Trip Cancellation and group insurance policy U-1014453-A to RBC Royal Bank, to cover expenses related to Trip Interruption. This Certificate of Insurance summarizes the provisions of these group insurance policies. (Assured Assistance) by calling: 1-800-533-2778 toll-free from the US & Canada, or905-816-2581 collect from anywhere in the world Trip Cancellation / Trip Interruption Insurance will reimburse only the means an institution licensed to treat patients on an in-patient, out-patient and emergency basis, which has an operating room and laboratory, and which is operated under the supervision of a staff of . It does not include any establishment which is licensed or used principally as a clinic, extended or palliative care facility, rehabilitation facility, convalescent, rest or nursing home, home for the aged, health spa or addiction treatment centre. means accidental bodily injury or sickness (or a condition related to that accidental bodily injury or sickness), including disease, acute psychoses and complications of pregnancy occurring within the first 31 weeks of pregnancy.