Evening Prayer

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  • January 26, 2022
  • 7:00 pm
  • 07030533717
  • 400Attendees
  • 4Staff members

The group came into existence in early months of 1984 when the city of Abuja has just started being developed as the administrative capital of Nigeria. The Holy See had equally followed suit by carving out Abuja as an Arch-diocese preparatory for the souls that would inhabit the newly developed city with His grace Most Rev. Dr.; Dominic Ekandem as the first Bishop of the metropolitan city of Abuja. Early in that year 1984, Bro John Okoye who was with Dove of Peace Community in Kano was transferred to Abuja and had come along with his letter of introduction to the prayer group of his new parish. Incidentally, there was none in Abuja as the church was merely starting. Dumez site office was used alternately by all the various denomination in Abuja for the purpose of worship. On his arrival to the parish, as there was no charismatic group, he gave the letter of introduction to the parish priest, Rev Fr Kukah, now the bishop of Sokoto diocese who after consultation with the parish council and the arch-bishop of Abuja was told to start the renewal in the parish. The parish priest however assigned Rev Sisters Theresa Nwammuo and Lucy Afander and two others to guide the group during their Sunday Bible studies and Wednesday prayer meeting.


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