The impact of self-discipline concerning living a life of sexual purity is profound. In addition, the impact of sexual recklessness is also profound, in that the effects can trickle down to unborn generations. In the words of Evangelist Emmanuel Odah, “Fornication is an insult on the finished works of Christ. It inhibits the work of the Holy Spirit”. He also cautioned, “Jesus’ death is not an open cheque to a sinful life”

Soul Search: Am I still insulting the finished works of Christ? Am I preventing the work of the Holy Spirit by any sexual immoral conduct? Is our level of immorality competing with or now exceeding that of the gentiles (unbelievers)?

The advent of social media subtly kicked off the indecent act, in that some people including some believers use different platforms to promote ‘unbelievable and disgusting activities’ in respect to sexual contents. Even if we do not have in our contacts people that can see those things, remember, “There is always SOMEONE watching when there is no one watching”.

Sexual Immorality is beyond the physical contact, it includes the hearts intentions, watching of ‘explicit’ contents (e.g., pornography) sexual advances, indecent utterances, indecent music, etc. It begins with a seed of suggestion, which in turns becomes an action. If the seed is not uprooted on time, it takes a deep root and germinates to make people become slaves to secret sins.

Renewal that was a standard for other church members in terms of sound moral conduct is becoming porous with people pitching tents with ‘it does not matter category of people’. These set of people chant the ‘To hell with Charismatic Marriage’ hymn and when the heat becomes intense because of disobedience, they review the lines to ‘They do not care about us’. This was similar to what Apostle Paul heard about the Corinthians that he gave the counsel in 1 Corinthians 5:1-5. He warned them, as it is also applicable to us that ‘One who carries on with the habitual lifestyle of sexual immorality should not be found among us’.

On the aspect of marriage, Evang. Emmanuel Odah cautions, “A marriage proposal is not an invitation to immorality”. As believers, 1 Thessalonians 4:1-5 gives us the prescription and blue print concerning marriage. None should also hide under the ‘marriage certificate’ to perpetuate sexual immorality.

Here are some of the demerits of sexual immorality:

  • Operating under closed heaven: It is a disheartening and shameful act, which shuts the doors of heaven against a praying community, thereby resulting in waste of time and efforts.
  • It turns you against God: You cannot operate in God’s Spirit alongside an immoral spirit.
  • It cheapens a woman before a man; you lose your value. “Those who possess their vessels with expectation honor them with respect”-Evangelist Emmanuel Odah.
  • It has a generational effect: This is the reason some children starts exhibiting bad behavior.
  • It is associated to the marine kingdom: One fall a victim of their captivity and destruction.
  • It takes root and break down every resistance as stated in Job 5:11; it creates weaknesses’.

Are you not aware that the spirit that is within you is what you pass on when you lay hands on people? This is one of the reasons we must not downplay the issue of sanctification. In addition, the ‘commit and confess’ vicious cycle should be avoided. Furthermore, avoid ‘jumping’ to other parishes for confession and counseling, do it at your place of worship/fellowship.

We must reprove the “Unfruitful works of darkness as advised in Ephesian 5:11. This is through the teachings and encouragement the Church and Prayer community offers through the word of God. This is to enable every believer grow in the grace of God. Furthermore, we should note that the concept of ‘sainthood’ takes effect the instant someone is baptized.

In conclusion, we must do all we can to avoid sexual immorality because it is for our safety, wellbeing, honor and dignity. It should not be heard that after the various levels of teachings and sound doctrines, believers with the attitudes such as the children of Moab, Edom, and Belial, are still found among us. Brethren, Not Among Us!


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