TEXT: JOHN 14:12-14
“Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father.
And whatever you ask in My name, that I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.
If you ask anything in My name, I will do it.

One with a low self esteem has already estimated his/her future exploit. The result of such calculation is all in zero figures with no other supporting number. Is your calculation based on low self worth or what God says of you?

It is a desire of good parents that their children do better in life than them; that their children become successful, great in life and make fame than they did. Good parents desire their children to outperform them in life. In order to make the desire a reality, they do everything possible to equip them adequately for the future exploit.

Similarly, good masters desire that their servants do well, even better than them when they assume personal responsibility of ownership. it’s a thing of pride and honour to such a master; seeing anyone that passed through his tutelage doing better than him.

In our anchor scripture today, Jesus expresses similar desire. He wants to see those who have gone through His tutelage achieve greater things than He did. It is a common desire of every good father and master for their wards.

God desired from the inception of man’s creation to have him (man) fully in charge, over the works of his hands as seen in Genesis 1: 26-30. It was for the purpose of exercising dominion and recreation of great things. Sadly, in Genesis Chapter 3, man lost this purpose, Which was the reason for Christ’s coming to return man to the original plan and purpose.

As Christians, God expects that we do great things, achieve great things, be the hope of our generation, be the light to our nations, subdue and recreate the world around us as seen in Genesis 1:28 and Matthew 5:14. Have we fallen short of this expectation?

Furthermore, Christ’s desire that we do greater things is not something of option, rather it’s a command to all who believe in Him as stated in John 14:12. Greater things in this context is not peculiar to performing miracles, doing signs and wonders alone. It’s also doing greater things in that ministry you have been called to function. It also means doing greater things and becoming outstanding in your profession or vocation; it is being the light that dispels darkness anywhere it appears.

As a believer in Christ, you are expected to be a leading figure in whatever you have chosen or called to do. What Christ came to teach us is not about religion or ritual activities. Christ came to show us a lifestyle filled with exercising of power and dominion – keys of the kingdom as seen in Matthew 16:19.

Dear Beloved in Christ, for you to have the capacity to do greater things, there are qualifications you must attain, such as, You must believe in Jesus Christ, obey His commandments, and also have the Holy Spirit in you as stated in John 14: 12,15,16-17.

The above conditions are sacrosanct if you must do greater works. Without the presence of the Holy Spirit in a believer, he or she is powerless, vulnerable and can do nothing great. We have just three days to the Pentecost, are you adequately prepared to receive the Holy Spirit afresh? Remember that without the help of the Holy Spirit, we can do nothing as stated in John 15:5. May the Lord help us to have a great Pentecostal experience as never before in Jesus Name. Amen!

* The evidence of believers in Christ is by the greater things they do. What greater things have you done or doing?
* Do you truly obey the commandments of Jesus, and how prepared are you to receive the Holy Spirit for greater work?

*Lord, I desire to obey your commands. Help me to remain obedient to you at all times in Jesus Name.
*Precious Holy Spirit, without You I can do nothing. I am desperate to have you afresh this Pentecost than I have ever had You, that I may do greater work in my generation.

John 14: 12, 15,16-17; Genesis 1:28; Matthew 5:14

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