There is a song with these words, “If you are a winner, I want to hear you shout”. This implies that, “The winning team is the shouting team”. Are you a winner? Do you know that you can praise God with your ‘substance (material blessings) as well? This was what Proverbs 3:9 talked about in clear words.

In honoring God with our wealth, we revere, reverence, respect, acknowledge, and praise him as stated in the above text. In addition, verse 10 of Proverbs Chapter 3, states the reward for obeying such instructions.

In the world today, people go to any extent to give their ‘all’ in pursuit of what they regard as ‘pleasing to them’.  What are you ‘giving your all’? Are you willing to give your all today without a thought on who is watching or insulting you? Have you thought about how David, gave his all in every aspect even though he was a king? Take for instance, his humility in reverencing God in dancing, which attracted his wife’s insult in 2 Samuel 6:16 and 20.

When we realize that God does more than our request, we would surrender our all to him. Similar to the response of the narration of Jesus’ request for a donkey, in Mark 11:1-3, if anyone asks the reason for your gratitude to God through substance giving, “Tell him or her that the Master has need of it”.

There are instances whereby people whom God saved from experiencing unfortunate incidents, which could have resulted to loss of life decides to give God that which could have been used to take care of the woes. They did it willingly because God saved the situation even without their request or premonition about the happening.

Do you know that God demands our sacrifice more at difficult times? Take the present economic situation of Nigeria; still, God requires our selfless sacrifice in the area of advancing the          Gospel message. Are you being sincere if you say that you have not experienced the blessings of God even in the present ‘trying’ times?

Are you aware that giving to God is like making a deposit ahead of prayer request? Do you know that it can provoke blessings from God? The text of Proverbs 11:24, states the effect of a ‘tight fisted and open fisted hand’, in respect to giving. Is there likelihood that some of the blessings that are yet to be unlocked are resulting from one’s ‘tight fisted attitude’?

If you are in a situation whereby no amount of words from the best orator convinces you to give to God, please, kindly ask God to remove the ‘yoke of stinginess’, so that your mind can be liberal towards giving. In the words of Evangelist Jude Asogwa, “It is better to say that your giving is too much as against your stinginess is too much”.

In conclusion, we must dispose ourselves to give to God willingly, bearing in mind that God gives to us willingly as well. In the words of Evangelist Jude Asogwa, “Anytime you give God your sweat, it is a prayer.


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